imBox is an electronic device to captured status, and output of various type of machines. It bundles together with software to record all information from imBox into database, and analyze the recorded information to produce comprehensive report (machine utilization, production output, etc.)

Customized computer software can be developed to extend imBox functionality. For example, the process workflow monitoring and control can be done with:

  • Serial number captured by imBox.
  • The customised computer software verified the serial number.
  • Pass the result (accept / reject) to machine through imBox.

imBox Features

  • Easy to connect and implement.
  • Uniform way of collecting the status from variety of machines.
  • Real time monitoring of machine’s performance indicator.

imBox Benefits

  • Prevent failures or breakdown with regular maintenance.
  • Reduce loss of production hours.
  • Insight into the machine utilization.
  • Improve production efficiency.
  • Increase productivity.

Microsoft Azure

We provide Azure integration service.

For details of Azure’s services, please visit https://azure.microsoft.com/