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AutoCount ® Plugins


Autocount Accounting develop several additional plugin and feature to cater different business and industrial need.

  • SO Approval
    • To prevent unauthorise person to transfer Sales Order (SO) to Delivery Order (DO) & Invoice
    • To prevent transfer SO to DO & Invoice for Debtor exceeded Credit Limit or Payment Terms
  • Import Third Party SO to AutoCount SO
    • To avoid double data entry into system by user
    • To avoid typo error
  • Transfer bulk of SO to Invoices
    • Auto transfer selected multiple SO to Invoices
  • Mobile Phone & Mobile Handheld Plug-In for Picking & Receiving verification
    • To verify picking quantity & items by scan barcode against SO/DO/Invoice
    • To verify receiving quantity & items by scan barcode against Purchase Order
  • Customise Plug-In based on user’s requirements


A dedicated POS (Point of Sales) software for pharmacy.

Pharmis is a POS Management Software which provide a immediate platform to help pharmacy manages daily operations & resources.

This software include a series of functions that helps to improve sales and inventory management.