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Warehouse Management System (imWMS) Top ▲ The imWMS helps you to keep your valuable information in a properly organized database. The ease of data entry and searching features shorten the time to locate the relevant information. imWMS is design to reduce human mistake thus improve the accuracy of the stock data.
In addition, the stock take function improved the efficiency and speed of stock taking, thus stock take on frequently access goods can be achieved with minimum impact to the operation. This also increase the chance to detect and adjust inaccurate stock data. With integration to mobile computer, imWMS can greatly reduce the operation time required and thus improved the productivity of your warehouse.
imWMS can produce sophisticated reports to
help management monitors the warehouse
activity, stock level, and performance.

▪ Stock accuracy
▪ Improve productivity
▪ Improve efficiency
▪ Traceability
▪ Real-time information
▪ Reduce operation cost and wastage
▪ Easier to manage

Trading Company, Semiconductor Manufacturer,
Harddisk Manufacturer, Zipper & Slider Manufacturer, etc.

Weighing Information System (imWIS) Top ▲ imWIS is a computerized weighing system running in either LAN (Local Area Network) or standalone environment. All the readings, calculated values and system activities will be automatically updated into system’s database. System will produce transaction slip or note once the weighing transaction is completed.

▪ Avoid human error
▪ Improve productivity
▪ Improve efficiency
▪ Prevent unauthorized vehicle
▪ Easier to manage

Oil palm seeds Manufacturer,
Grain Manufacturer, etc.

Hotel Management System (imHotel) Top ▲ imHotel is a “Hotel Management System” specifically designed for small and medium size hotels. imHotel software provide all the front office and back office function such as reservation, billing, housekeeping, staff management and reports. imHotel is designed to help you manage your business more efficiently, more profitable and leave you with more time to serve your guest better.

    • Automated front office process increases the speed of check-in
      and check-out, shorten the waiting time, and reduce the human
    • Simplify complex transaction.
    • Prevent overselling and underselling your hotel room.
    • Advance room overview feature display the room info in one
    • Reduce the labor and efforts required to perform these tasks
      while increasing the accuracy and reliability of the results.
    • System generated checklist enable the room maids perform the cleaning and
       item check tasks more efficiently and accurately.
    • Management able to recognize and keep track of frequent lost item to impose 
       preventive measurement to avoid further loss.
    • Comprehensive reports enable management to do analysis, planning and 
       arrangement for promotion and event.

Budget Hotel, etc.